Trusted Care is Here.

If you take a stroll along the western border of Early County, down the Chattahoochee River Bluffs, you might be lucky enough to see a trillium. It’s a very rare flower, not well known and frankly not often found. This makes it the perfect symbol for Early Medical Center, because it represents the mission of this community hospital going forward. Our goal is to build and grow a healthcare system here in Early County that is both unique and appealing. The trillium can take up to seven years to bloom and with the history of this hospital behind us, we are ready to take our most important step, and finally blossom. Early Medical Center and the community it serves share a remarkable bond. To us, that bond is a living commitment, one that we will always take seriously. We understand that each day this community puts its trust in our hands. It’s our job to earn, confirm, and strengthen that trust through the care experiences of our patients and their loved ones. All that we ask of you is to allow us the opportunity to earn your trust.

Our Mission is Simple:

As an individual and a team, we will do everything within our power to earn, foster, and safeguard the trust of this community.

Our goal is to always provide a superior healthcare experience for our patients, their family members, and loved ones.

Both kindness and professionalism will be the guiding principles of our words and actions throughout our workday.

Trusted Care is Here.

Our Doctors

Committed to providing exceptional healthcare services, our team consists of diverse individuals with extensive experience and expertise in their respective fields. We are privileged to staff the dedicated and skilled professionals who make up our medical staff.