Swing Bed Program

Early Medical Center’s Swing Bed Program acts as a bridge between the hospital and home.

Our Swing Bed Program is used for patients who still need a high level of nursing care but not the same degree as an acute patient. An example might be someone ill, injured, or undergoing surgery requiring longer recovery time. Our Swing Bed patients have a dedicated team of physicians, nurses, and rehabilitation specialists working toward their recovery. We have also found that being near family and friends can play a significant role in patient recovery, so be sure to ask for a referral to our Swing Bed program right here in Blakely.

Patients who would benefit from our program include those who are:

• Recovering from a stroke
• Require diabetes management
• Need rehabilitation or therapy following a hip or knee replacement
• Require IV therapy
• Need wound care and education
• Experiencing general weakness or lack of appetite brought on by illness or surgery

Make sure to request a referral to our Swing Bed program, so family can be close by through every step of recovery.


Telephone: 229-723-4241